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If there is a problem there is a solution!
The scope of this page is to collect in one place all the known solutions for Tunngle problems.


Sign up - Validation

  • Use alphanumeric username and passwords (a-z, 0-9), try to avoid weird characters since they will probably prevent you from logging in. Note that if you use weird characters you might have problems with Tunngle DNS and with the Web Signature.
  • When typing your password be sure you don't have CAPS turned on.
  • Use a real email. It's important that you use a valid email because otherwise you won't be able to validate/manage your account. Furthermore the mail is needed for Password recovery.
  • If you can't find the validation email check your account Spam filter!
  • One password for all. We will never ask you for your password. Keep it safe. Do not tell it to anyone!


  • If for some reason you can't download Tunngle from our site please choose a mirror from our Download Page. We have two mirrors there: Ausgamers and Softpedia. Just click their logo to go to the mirror download page.
  • Always download the latest version! If you need an older version please check our File Archive


  • Run as Administrator (running as administration is required only for the setup phase!)
  • Click yes to the Windows Logo Testing dialog on Xp
  • If in device manager you get "Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device..." you can try the following: create a system restore point, uninstall Tunngle, reboot, delete C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\tap0901t.sys, install Tunngle again and reboot.
  • Be sure that no security software is preventing Tunngle from installing correctly for example blocking the installation of the new adapter.
  • The adapter installer (helper.exe and tapinstall.exe) might require outbound network access (to access the adapter) in order to install successfully! Please be sure that your firewall is not blocking them or the adapter installation might hang/fail!
  • Be sure that your windows system is up to date (all available updates have been applied). Also check that your system drivers are up to date (this is very important would you get a blue screen). If you get Error:4-102 carefully check your system drivers!
  • After the installation is complete you need to restart before you can use Tunngle!
  • If you are downgrading or installing the same version over, a Tunngle Uninstall is required in order to be able to perform the update. If you are not sure always Uninstall, Reboot, Install, Reboot! Reboots are very important.
  • Adapter installation might fail if you have a broken network related software installation on your machine (e.g. CFOS Speed).
  • The adapter selection on startup comes up when the Tunngle network adapter is not found or if the communication with the adapter failed. If the Tunngle adapter is in the list, it is properly selected and the adapter selection reappears it is because there is a problem accessing the adapter. The common cause for this are Firewall issues. Please note that disabling a firewall doesn't always disable the firewall completely.
  • On certain systems ESET security software can corrupt windows settings to the point where installation of any new network adapter (Tunngle included!) fails because of "Insufficient System Resources". Read more about this here.
  • For any kind of installation trouble be sure that you try the full magic cycle: Uninstall, Reboot, Install, Reboot. Reboots are not optional!

Configure your Firewall

  • Check our Firewall section.
  • If you use PeerBlock please be aware that this program can cause an adapter selection loop along with other connectivity issues. If you need help with the PeerBlock configuration, you can try to ask for help on the PeerBlock Support Forum.
  • If you use Norton Internet Security and you get stuck on Starting the Adapter you might need to switch the Tunngle network from protected to trusted in the firewall options (network whose gateway is or IP: Mask:
  • If you use ESET and you are stuck on starting the adapter try using Learning Mode. If this fails try to create a network zone for Tunngle IP: Mask: Gateway: and allow dhcp traffic over it. If this fails you can try allowing all traffic over the new network zone. If this fail you can try to disable (uncheck) the ESET network filter from the Tunngle adapter properties be aware this will disable the firewall for all connections over the Tunngle virtual LAN). To do this go to Network Connections, right click over the Tunngle Adapter, click Properties and uncheck the ESET filter.
  • If you use ESET and you get Error 4-104 or you experience other game connectivity issues you can try to delete all the existing rules and put it into learning mode. This should allow for the creation of new rules for Tunngle and for the games when you start them up again.
  • If you use PC Tools Firewall and you are stuck on starting the adapter or checking broadcasts you can try to disable (uncheck) the PCTools network filter from the Tunngle adapter properties (be aware this will disable the firewall for all connections over the Tunngle virtual LAN). To do this go to Network Connections, right click over the Tunngle Adapter, click Properties and uncheck the PC Tools filter.
  • In general if you are stuck on starting the adapter, you can try disabling any third party VPN adapter from Network Connections. If that still fails you can also try to uncheck unnecessary services and protocols from the Tunngle Adapter Properties: to do this go to Network Connections, right click over the Tunngle Adapter, click Properties and uncheck everything that is not "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "Internet Protocol Version 4". If this works you can add back services and protocols one by one to see what's causing the adapter startup issue.
  • If you are 100% sure that the firewall is not causing problems (e.g. you have no firewall) and you are stuck on Starting the Adapter then you can try to reset your IP settings. Be careful: always take a system restore point before doing this! Resetting is a desperate measure. If you do this and your adapters need special settings you will have to manually set everything again. If you are not sure, you shouldn't run this. Another thing you can try is the Winsock reset Winsock settings. Again extreme caution is needed. This might very well break some of your software. You have to create a system restore point before. Again if you are not sure, don't do this.

Port Forward

  • Check our Port Forward section.
  • If you are using Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing please read our Internet Connection Sharing section.
  • If you are behind two routers you need to forward traffic from the first one to the second one and then from the second one to your PC. More info in our Two Routers section.
  • Two PC in the same net require two different forwards. Read more in the Multiple PCs section.
  • Your college firewall is giving you headaches? Talking with the IT guys is a nightmare? Try using UDP port 17771.
  • You forwarded the port, it worked for a while and now it's not working anymore? Please check that you are using a static local IP and not a dynamic one. If your local IP changes the port forward is not effective anymore. Also try to reboot (power off - wait a while - power on) your router.


  • Tunngle.exe does not need to be run as Administrator! You can run it without UAC elevation!
  • Getting a Blue Screen of Death or Service Start Failure (e.g. 4-102)? You have some obsolete driver/software in your system that is causing some trouble. You can try to pinpoint the driver by looking at the blue screen info or at the Windows Event Log (Windows->Run->eventvwr.msc). You then need to update the faulty driver/software. If you are not sure of what driver is causing the problem, do a general driver update beginning with your motherboard drivers, you network card drivers, etc..
  • If you are using ESET and you get 4-104 and 4-105 errors on startup you can try to delete all the existing firewall rules and then put the firewall in "learning mode". This should allow for the creation of the proper rule set for Tunngle.


  • Check that CAPS are not on. Use your user Password. If you forgot your user password go here.
  • Not validated? You didn't receive the validation email? Request a new one here. Check your spam mail filters!
  • Check that you have respected the Sign up - Validation checklist (did you use only alphanumeric?, did you have CAPS off?).
  • You have a non Latin chars based username and you are not able to login? Please check your System Locale.
  • Getting issues on connection but before was working? Try Force Restart or restart your PC. Additionally you can try to power off - wait a while - power on your router.
  • Does Tunngle take more than 30 seconds to complete the whole login process? Normal login times may vary from 15-30 seconds. If they don't you probably need to set a Port Forward in your router.
  • Can't login? Are you sure that there is no server maintenance going on? If there is a scheduled maintenance it will be announced here. LINK If you are logged in and there is a scheduled server maintenance all active tunnels will remain in place. If you disconnect/change network you will have to wait the end of the maintenance before being able to login again .

Can't see others in networks

  • If you can't see the right amount of players in the network you need to Port Forward the Tunngle port in your router.
  • Some routers need configuration beyond the port forwarding setting (SPI and Anti-DoS firewall protection).
  • Check that your software Firewall has proper allow exceptions for Tnglctrl.exe and Tunngle.exe.
  • More than one PC on the same network? You need to Port Forward for Multiple PCs.
  • Are you using two routers at the same time? If so you need to forward from the first to the second and then from the second to your PC. Read more about Two Routers.
  • Certain router models forward in such a way that until we find a workaround, is not compatible with Tunngle. This is known to occur for example with certain Zyxel and Belkin models. In this case even though the Port Forward Test is successful you won't be seeing anybody in the nets. If this is your case then:
    • Disable the port forward in your router
    • Uncheck upnp under Tunngle->System->Options
    • If after doing this finalizing seems stuck or you get an error, you can hit cancel to login anyway. This way you should at least see some peers.


  • If you are using the router Trendnet TEW-432BRP there might be an issue with ip lease time. It seems that the router doesn't recognize Tunngle network activity correctly and the lease expires. Masakary verified that setting a very long lease time (like 1 week) solves the disconnection problem.
  • In general if you are getting disconnects please check your DHCP lease is not expiring at the same time at which you are getting problems. Go to Network Connections, right click over the Internet Adapter, click Status and then choose Details. If issues happen at the date indicated as Lease Expiration then you need to set up a Static IP Address. If you have no router then you might want to contact your ISP about this issue.
  • If you are experiencing continuous disconnect and the problem is not the DHCP lease expiration, go to Windows->Start->Run type in eventvwr.msc and press Enter. On the left pane expand Windows Logs and right click on application log. Search for errors (red icon) related to Tunngle and non occurring at the time of the disconnects. It might be that some other service (e.g. WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery) is creating problems to Tunngle.
  • If you can't browse the Internet while Tunngle is running you can try to see if using OpenDNS fixes it. To do this open Network Connections on your PC, right-click the Internet Adapter, select Properties, choose Internet Protocol Version 4 from the list, click Properties, select Use the Following DNS Addresses and type in these two numbers:
    • Primary:
    • Alternative:

Can't find-join-host a game

  • Check that your adapter is the first in the Adapter Priority list.
  • Are your firewalls (Windows and third party) configured to allow incoming and outgoing connections for your games? What are the rules that your firewall applies by default to the Tunngle Network Adapter?
  • If you can't host and you are using Windows Vista or Seven please check our Network Locations section.
  • Do you see with the people on the network? Can you chat with them back and forth? If you hover over their nicks you should see ping numbers and not (N/A). If not you'd better check the Can't see others section.
  • Remember that Tunngle must be started before you start the game in order for this one to correctly recognize the Tunngle Adapter.
  • Some Games for Windows have a ping restrictions. Is this your case?
  • Do you have the same game version of the others? Sometimes updates are not the same. Sometimes the exact same update sequence is needed in order for a successful connection.
  • You can use the Tunngle Community Connection Test (TCCT) to verify that the Tunngle Connectivity is working fine.
  • You can use the Client Help Button while you are logged into the Tunngle game network to see if there is any Community Help available for your game.
  • If you have a D-Link DIR-655 please check that your router configuration under Advanced->Firewall Settings is set as:
    • UDP Endpoint Filtering: Endpoint Independent
    • TCP Endpoint Filtering: Endpoint Independent

Old Games

If you are having issues seeing/hosting old games you can try:

  • To run the game as Administrator in Windows Vista or Seven by right clicking the game launcher
  • To use Compatibility Mode (right click the game launcher, select properties and then set the compatibility from the Compatibility tab)
  • To uncheck IPv6 from the Tunngle Adapter properties if you use Windows Vista or Seven (right click the Tunngle Adapter from Control Panel->Network Connections, select properties and uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6))
  • To do the disconnect trick (Adapter Tool):
    • Start Tunngle
    • Join the Game Network
    • Disable all the other adapters
    • Start the game and host a game
    • Enable all the other adapters back
    • Wait for Tunngle to reconnect (or reconnect manually)
    • Wait for players to join
  • To check Intercept Broadcast from all the Interfaces under Tunngle->System->Options
  • To check your Adapter Priority
  • To check this Community Suggestion
  • To check Broadcast Forward GUI and Broadcast Forward (require Pcap and Run as Administrator). They can help to forward broadcasts from one interface to the other (example LAN->Tunngle).
  • In order to host some of the older games you need to allow some DirectX executables as suggested here for Risk II. If you use Windows 7 don't forget to check Network Locations.
  • Does your game use the IPX Protocol? If this is the case please check our IPX Protocol section.

Graphical User Interface Issues

  • If you can't properly see the selected language please verify your System Locale.
  • If you can't properly submit text to the chat using your keyboard please verify your System Locale.

Weird happenings

  • If Tunngle stopped working or if you are suddenly getting some kind of error please take the following two steps before changing anything:
    • Force Restart Tunngle or Reboot your PC
    • Power off your router, wait a while, power it back on

Troubleshooting Thread

These solutions are taken from the Troubleshooting Thread on the forum.
If you can't solve a problem, feel free to ask for support over there.

Help Us Helping You

When you report a problem on the forum there are a few things that you can do to help us finding a solution for you: