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Hello and Welcome to the Tunngle Wiki!


The Wiki

The Tunngle Wiki is at the same time the backbone of the integrated Tunngle Help System and the Tunngle Community Knowledgebase.
This choice reflects the pivotal importance of the Community in all aspects of the Tunngle life, beginning of course from the first time learning approach.
We think that there is no better way of building an help system than letting the Community contribute to it.

The Tunngle Wiki is the melting-pot where the Developer and the Community perspective come together to create a simple and yet professional Help System for everyone!
You can find a full index here.

Signup Required to Edit

In order to preserve the quality of the available articles and permit moderation, everybody is required to register to Tunngle in order to add/edit content on the Tunngle Wiki.
The current Community Reputation Level required to be able to edit is greater than or equal to 12.
You can gain reputation by making helpful posts on the Community Forum.

Allowed Languages

This is an English Only Wiki. There is a small possibility that more languages will be coming in the future but until then the only language allowed in the Tunngle Wiki will be English.
Typing content in other languages is strictly forbidden and considered as an abuse.

Allowed Content

As the name says, the Tunngle Wiki is about Tunngle.
This means that the submitted content must be related to some extent to Tunngle and its operation. Please try always to stay on the topic indicated by the page title.
Illegal content is strictly forbidden.
Carefully read our General Disclaimer.

Protected Pages

Some pages, like the Error codes pages, are protected and can be edited only by administrators.
The reason for this is that these pages depend so strongly on the development of the software itself that they have to be maintained by the Tunngle Team.

Game Pages

Game pages are an important aspect of the Tunngle Wiki.
They need to be properly named after the Tunngle network name (case sensitive) so that they result easily accessible from Tunngle itself.
Please try to keep the text simple and easy.
Always remember that the final purpose of these pages is to help others to play the game. This is the reason why the average newbie shouldn't have difficulties interpreting the explanation.

Good Luck

So what are you waiting for? The Tunngle Community needs you!
If you know it, share it! Good luck!