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Tunngle is a revolutionary peer to peer VPN solution that delivers the best online entertainment experience.
It allows you to play your games on-line by using the Local Area Network Multi-Player feature of your games (LAN).
You can figure Tunngle as a virtual network card that, once plugged into your PC, connects you to the other players allowing you to enjoy a totally unlimited game experience!

Don't let callous master-server bots rule your life! Join the Community experience and Tunngle for life!
Click for a Quick Start Guide!

Tunngle Operation

Pure Peer to Peer VPN

Tunngle is a pure peer to peer Virtual Private Networking solution: as the name suggests, client to client data transfers are direct and not a single bit of your data passes through our servers.
Our main servers do not relay traffic in any way. They just offer the mediation services that allow the Tunngle clients to reciprocally establish a direct p2p connection, in such a way that it can later be used to play games, chat and do more.

LAN Emulation

Each Tunngle network behave exactly like a normal Local Area Network (the only notable difference being the presence of the Mini Firewall). This means that broadcasts are sent to all the online clients in the network while unicasts are only sent to the specified recipient.

Through Routers

Tunngle works through a NAT. Tunngle is designed to connect people even through routers. For this reason Tunngle will work out of the box with a great number of routers.
Occasionally, some router models could require some additional configuration in order for Tunngle to work properly. If this is your case, don't panic. We provide detailed guides to help you in the process and an automatic port forwarding mode called UPnP. Find out more in our Port Forward section.
Also be sure that you check our Firewall page if you experience any firewall problem.

Secure, Fast & Safe

After a connection has been successfully established, your communication with the other peers is safe, quick and direct since it's not relayed in any way. This system guarantees you the best possible network performance, keeping the pings as low as they can be and taking full advantage of your maximum bandwidth.
Furthermore this method keeps your privacy safe since there can be no data preservation or activity logging. Your privacy matters: all the data transfers are secured using the AES-256 algorithm. The safety of the key exchange is guaranteed by the reliability of the trustworthy RSA 2048 algorithm. The Tunngle networks and chat, whether they be private or not, are thus safe and offer enough anonymity for your data.

Network Capacity Limits

All the networks can hold a maximum of 255 members. Sometimes, with certain games we need to set a technical limit for the user number. This is related to the game networking.

Using Tunngle

How To Play

Tunngle doesn't require any additional setup in order to play a game.

To join/host a game:

  • Install Tunngle (if you haven't already)
  • Start Tunngle and Login (at the bottom of the interface)
  • Search for a Network Name (e.g. select the box on the top left, type "are 3" and press enter to search for "Modern Warfare 3") or select a Genre (e.g. Shooter) on the left
  • Double click the desired Network Name in the Network Browser that opens in the middle
  • Tunngle will now Join the Network
  • Once the network has been joined, you should see the other active members in the Network Nick List
  • Start the game
  • Go to the Multiplayer in-game Menu
  • Select LAN
  • Search for LAN Games
  • If you need a tutorial for the game you can use the DON'T PANIC Button or the Video Button


In order to use Tunngle on multiple PCs at the same time, you need to install the client on each machine and use a different account per each. You can create as many accounts as you want.
Check our Account page for more.


If you forgot your password, don't panic. We provide methods to recover it. Gmbh will never ask you for your password. Do not tell it to anyone.
Check our Password page for more.


All Tunngle networks come with the same powerful Tunngle LAN emulation (with the notable exception of the Class C Emulator).
Network names are there just to keep order in the community. This ensures that everybody is able to find the right players for his own games.
If you don't find a specific network you can play your game in a random network (please note that some networks might have the Class C emulator enabled). As long as you and your friends are on the same network the game will work.
Anyway if you find a game that is not listed, it's a good practice to require it in the proper thread on the community forum.
Your suggestions are always welcome there.

Error Messages

If you get an error message, do not panic. Use the wiki or the support search to look up for your error code and for the possible solutions (example '4-101'). Remember that you can always ask for help on the Tunngle Community Forum

Waiting for the in-game chat - A note

Tunngle is a gaming oriented VPN solution. What's more important, it really works with games.
This means that if someone does not reply to your messages on the network chat, he's probably having some cool action in a multiplayer game and he can't read your messages in that very moment.
Also keep in mind that nicknames that contain the "_Login" string have no chat capability over Tunngle. Communication with these Tunnglers is only possible when using the chat integrated into your games.
The in-game chat functionality is on the to-do list but we have to finish the core Tunngle work before.

Blocking the Bad guys

Cheating is not good. Games are supposed to be fair.
That's why Tunngle provides the proper tools to defend yourself.

You can lock your games with a password or issue the little cheaters a nice Global Ban using your personal Black List.
This way you will block all the communications with the selected Tunngler and he won't be able to cheat in your games anymore.

If chat spam is the problem, Tunngle provides a form of soft Chat Only Ban which will prevent any message from reaching you while letting the door opened for game opportunities.

For more information about the Black List check the Black List section.

PC Security

No one can access your sensible data over Tunngle, if you don't let him/her do that. The integrated Tunngle Mini Firewall will protect you from most of the attacks that are otherwise possible in normal LAN environments (effectively blocking the most vulnerable Microsoft services) and the trustworthy Tunngle encryption will safeguard your privacy.

Of course, if you want to be 100% secure, you must also be mindful of all the other services that are running on your PC. This is usually why running a firewall is a very good idea. Anyway this should be no surprise because it's not different from what you normally need when surfing the web.

Tunngle Shares

Tunngle offers you a secure way to share your files exclusively with the ones you trust. Shares allow you to select who can access what. You give the permissions (either to individuals or to groups). Nobody else will be allowed to see what you are sharing. All the traffic is encrypted using universally trusted encryption algorithms. Nothing is ever logged. We care about your freedom.

Can't see-join-host games

If you are having issues check the following:

  • Do you see your mates in the Tunngle network nick list? If not check the Port Forward section.
  • Do you have the same game version? If not ask what is the right version in the Network Chat and then update the game in the same order with the same updates of the others. Order counts!
  • Every game has its own executable (like game.exe). Have you added it to windows firewall and other firewalls you might have? If not check our Firewall section.
  • Is the Tunngle adapter on top? If not check our Adapter Priority section.
  • Have you used the Client:DON'T_PANIC_Button to find find info about the game? Have you tried using the Wiki search Special:Search? Have you tried to search the forum? *Have you tried the Tunngle Community Connection Test with a friend?


Please check our Troubleshooting Section.

Communnity Life

Obtaining Support

If you are having problems with your Tunngle client, the first thing to do is checking the Support section of the Tunngle Website (you can find it here). There you will find some precious information about the most common troubleshooting issues.
If you can't find your answer there, then the Tunngle Community Forum is your place. On the forums you will find the support of the whole Tunngle Community and all the help of the developer team.
When you post about your problem try to determine which one is the best thread for your post and try to describe exhaustively the trouble you are experiencing. When you solved your problem, it's a good practice to report the solution on the forum.
This way all the community will benefit from this new piece of knowledge. Click here to go to the Tunngle Community Forum.


Tunngle is always open to suggestions. You can post advices and requests on the Tunngle Community forum. You can also find there the proper topic to require a new network. Your contribution is precious and we always do our best to implement most of the community suggestions in the new Tunngle releases.
It's no secret that our community has already contributed much in determining the Tunngle present state. We are very thankful to all our great supporters for their important contribution.

Price and Offer - Present & Future

Tunngle is 100% free and always will be!

Tunngle Basic

Yes, your heard that right, there are no hidden tricks, Tunngle Free accounts will always be 100% free! Tunngle Free Accounts are not a joke. You will be able to play any game you like, use your messenger and enjoy your Tunngle experience.
If then you'll choose to try the full power of Tunngle, you will always have the option to upgrade to a Tunngle Premium Account.
What will never change is our promise to keep the Tunngle Basic Accounts always feature packed and free.
The Basic feature list can be found here.

Tunngle Premium

Tunngle Premium Accounts unleash the full potential of Tunngle for a very modest price (2.99€/month): these accounts are intended for those users that want to have an hardcore Tunngle experience and support Tunngle at the same time.
Getting a Tunngle premium account unlocks all the premium features that you can read on our features page (some are not there yet, but with your support and thanks to the Lifetime crowd-funding we will be able to bring them to you faster). Keep in mind that the Premium Features list is going to be updated as more and more new premium features are added to Tunngle.
The Premium feature list can be found here.

Tunngle Lifetime

Tunngle Lifetime is our promotional launch offer and our way to crowd-fund Tunngle.
Lifetime costs currently 19.90€ (regular 49,90€) and gives you Tunngle Premium for your life! This means that your investment will bear fruits in just three months!

The idea is simple: if you support Tunngle now and help us gather the resources to develop Tunngle faster, you'll get Tunngle Premium for life in return.
There will be no monthly fees, no annoying renewals and all future Premium Updates will be free for every Lifetime subscriber without any time constraint.
Tunngle Lifetime is an excellent way to support Tunngle and, at the same time, get to own a piece of it for your life.
Lifetime is an investment and it's really as simple as it seems: back Tunngle up now and you'll own the full blown Premium forever.
You can upgrade your Account to Lifetime here.