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Reputation Points

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Tunngle Reputation Points

Tunngle Reputation Points can be obtained by making helpful posts on the forum.
A member gains reputation when another members clicks the green thumb at the bottom right of their posts.

Why you should get more points

For free users, a good amount of reputation points unlocks the access to a number of services like:

  • Posting comments on user profiles
  • Posting videos to our video system
  • Editing the Game Wiki Pages

Lifetime, Enthusiast and Premium members do not need to worry about reputation. They can access all the services by default.

How to get some

There are a lot of ways to gain reputation points.
You can:


Reputation points are an attempt to measure the reliability of a certain member Account.
The idea is that, since gaining reputation is a slow process, an Account with an high reputation is used more wisely.
For this reason a certain amount reputation is required to unlock access to certain services.

Accounts without Reputation

Please keep in mind that reputation isn't everything and that there are a lot of good persons that have Accounts without reputation.
As with all things, your brain is your best guide.