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Tunngle Password

The Tunngle Password is the key for the access to your Tunngle Account.
The Tunngle password can be used for the following:

  • Access your account for management purposes
  • Login into Tunngle
  • Access our Community Services (Forum, Wiki, Videos, Gallery etc. etc.)

Past to Present

Originally there were two Password one for the Tunngle Account and one for the Tunngle Client.
This is not anymore. Now for all new accounts there is one password for everything. Please read Transition from the old system carefully.

If you had an account before, your password configuration will be unchanged after the switch.
The new thing is that now at anytime you can login into Tunngle Web Services using your Tunngle credentials. If you want to synchronize all passwords to conform with the new one password for all policy just change passwords here.

Remember that the new password will apply to everything including client and Web Services.


The Tunngle Team will never ask for your password. Do not tell it to anyone!
Your password is the key for your account.

Change Password

You can change your password here.
If you had different passwords after the Transition from the old system, changing your password will actually sync all your password with the one that you specify.

Lost Password

Be sure that you provide a valid Email otherwise there is no way to recover your password.
If you forgot your password go here.
If you lost your Tunngle password in the Transition from the old system you can still use the same tool to reset your password.
Please note that by resetting your Password, you will receive a brand new unique password that can be used:

  • To access the Tunngle Networks
  • To login into the Web Services

If you use auto-login for Tunngle you will need to update your credentials after resetting your password.

External Service Signup

As reported in our Signup via External Service section, if you signed up via Twitter or Facebook you have to setup the Tunngle password here. The reason for this is that your Twitter/Facebook password is secret and it can't thus be used as your Tunngle password.