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Network:Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

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Latest version: v3.1.0.2 (Operation Chimera)



  • The official Rainbow Six Siege Tunngle website is now available. Head to this link to get all your downloads and updates. Many thanks to MrMeDoALi.

  • We are happy to announce that the Rainbow Six Siege Discord Community is now up and running! We will be more than happy to have you with us :). To join us Click here!.

How to play

  1. Make sure you have the latest game version (Currently: Operation Chimera v3.1.0.2 (11757238)).
  2. Set the Interface Metric value to "10" by following this guide here
  3. Open the port in Tunngle by following this video by Mike Harper here
  4. Make sure you have installed all the essentials available here
  5. Open Tunngle > Join Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege [Europe][Blood Orchid+] network.
  6. Open your game :
    1. To join games: Play > Multiplayer > Custom Game > Local > Join.
    2. To host games: Play > Multiplayer > Custom Game > Local > Create.
  7. That's it! Have fun!

How to install

  1. Head to one of the links in the Download Links section below, and download the latest repack (Currently Operation Chimera at version 3.1.0 (11726982)(55.0 GB))
  2. Download Patch, then copy its contents to your game installation folder.

Download Links

[Game download links]

MrMeDoALi's Website here

Mr.Doofy's Website here

Max_R15.05's guide here

Old versions

How to install Update 2.4.0 (Operation White Noise) :

  • If you don't have the game, download =nemos= RePack at v2.4.0 (Build 11553121) from the link below, this is the latest working version with Tunngle, no patches needed for now.

  • If you have CODEX release at version 2.3.0, 2.3.1 or, or =nemos= release at version 2.3.1 or, download patch 2.4.0 and apply it to your current game.

  • If you have CODEX release at version 2.3.2 or or =nemos= release at version 2.3.2 or, downgrade to version first, then download Patch 2.4.0 and apply it to the game.

  • If you have Fitgirl release at version 2.3.2, delete all the files containing the version number “011470223”, install Patch 2.3.1, download and replace this file in “videos” folder, then install Patch 2.4.0

links :

Help Section

  1. How to change your name:
    1. Navigate to your game folder.
    2. open CODEPUNKS.ini/CODEX.ini
    3. Edit the UserName=CODEX line to UserName=*your name here* (for CODEPUNKS.ini : UserName=CODEPUNKS line to UserName=*your name here*)
  2. Framerate issues?
    1. Make sure the game uses your dedicated GPU (NVIDIA-only - check Google for other videocards).
      1. Right-click on Desktop and open NVIDIA Control Panel.
      2. Go in Manage 3D Settings.
      3. Add your game's .exe (RainbowSix.exe).
      4. Change Integrated Graphics to High-performance NVIDIA processor. Done.
    2. Lower graphical settings.
    3. Disable special effects (for example Depth of Field).
    4. Check the line below the graphical options. If the line is white, it's okay. If the line is yellow or red, lower graphical settings to lower GPU load, exceeding the limits MAY break your hardware, be careful.
  3. How to check version
    1. Follow MrMeDoALi's guide by clicking here
  4. How to downgrade your version from 2.3.2 back to
    1. Follow MrMeDoALi's guide by clicking here for more information.
  5. How to Fix Major Issues
    1. You can check out Mr. Doofy's guide here
  6. How to Update Rainbow Six Siege to v2.4.0[9.0]
    1. Follow MrMeDoALi's instructions here

Advanced Tutorials

Last edited: 15 March 2018 By MrMeDoALi