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Network:Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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Turkish By KraLBurda


There are 2 ways to play BFBC2 on LAN or Tunngle, one is Mase Emulator made my Triver and another is Synthetix Emulator made by Triada.

Using Triver's Mase Emulator is the easiest way to play LAN.

HOW TO PLAY Battlefield Bad Company 2 LAN/Tunngle using Mase Emulator

  1. Install Battlefield Bad Company 2 and update it to and patch R11
  2. Download BFBC2 R30 server files. Search Google Search Google
  3. (Optional) You may want to download R32 server files but it is not mandatory.
  4. Download Triver’s Mase Emulator 1.0 and extract it.
  5. Before continue, make sure there is no BFBC2 folder in your C:\User\Username\My Documents. Also make sure there is no dinput8.dll in your BFBC2 R30/R32 server folder.
  6. Setup of the emulator: Open config.ini inside the ‘mase_bc2’ folder and write the IP of the PC where the emulator runs on in the config.ini to the key 'emulator_ip' (overwrite and start the mase_bc2.exe, now Clients and Servers should be able to connect.
  7. Setup for connecting Clients and Server: You can choose one from 3 different methods to set them up (only a and c were tested)
    • Method (a) (Recommended): Using mase dll hook: Simply put the bfbc2cfg.ini and dinput8.dll files from the ‘dll' folder in the root directory of the both Client and Server(where the executables are located) and set the IP of the PC where the emulator runs on in the bfbc2cfg.ini to the 'host' key (overwrite
    • Method (b): Doesn’t work.
    • Method (c): Modifying binaries and redirect the IP's over the hosts file: First remove the SLL verification of the executable by using the lame patcher tool ( with the fesl patch ( Then append these lines to your hosts file of the System, usually located in "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\":
#redirect client ip's
#redirect server ip's

Where ' x.x.x.x ' stands for the IP of the PC the emulator runs on.


How to host ranked server:

  1. Make sure to set ‘Ranked=true’ in serverOptions.ini file.
  2. Then start the server and join the game through other pc. (Before starting the server make sure mase_bc.exe is running).

How to host Unranked server with all weapons enabled:

  1. Make sure to set ‘Ranked=false’ and ‘Punkbuster=false’ in serverOptions.ini file.
  2. Before running the mase_bc.exe, first set "override_stats_with_template = true" in the emulator's config.ini and open the stats file ..\mase_bc2\templates\stats, then set ‘webvet=1.0’ at the end of the file. This will force all the emulator to use the template for all users that connect to it so everyone will have the settings applied. This will unlock everything for all the profiles (excluding Specact player skins and M1 weapon which you can unlock for users in the config.ini).
  3. Start server.(Before starting the server make sure mase_bc.exe is running).

How to join the server via Client:

  1. Turn on BFBC2 game and simply Register a email id(fake).
  2. Password must be larger than 4 characters.
  3. Create a soldier name(more than 6 characters).
  4. Login to the soldier. Now from the server browser you can search for the server.
  5. Do Not use any special characters for password or soldier name. Only use [a-Z][0-9].


  • Before hosting ensure that the required ports are open (see F.A.Q. in the readme file within the emulator). If you get something like "Access to a socket failed due to restricted access rights" ensure that the required ports are open and try to set 'http_enabled' to 'false' in the config.ini if it isn't already.
  • What IP is needed to set for the 'emulator_ip'/'host' in the config.ini/bfbc2cfg.ini?

The IP of the server it has in the network where you want your emulator to run(the HOST IP), for example you want to run it on your PC which has the IP in the LAN network, you put it in the option (overwrite and others will be able to connect (this is the same IP you need for the host key in the bfbc2cfg.ini if you use the dll hook)

  • In a LAN, if you don’t know the IP of the host pc then run cmd from that pc and type ipconfig.
  • This emulator may show problems sometimes if multiple networks are connected in a pc.
  • You can use PROCON or BC2CC to administrate your server easily.

Need Additional Help?

Go to BFBC2 Thread and post your question there. You can also open a topic in Lan games forum as tunngle doesnt have BFBC2 community.