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Official Logos & Icons

Tunngle Logo
Tunngle Logo

The Official Tunngle Logos and Icons are registered Trademarks. They represent Tunngle.Net GmbH and identify the work we do for you.
Our Official Tunngle Logos and Icons (in all of their forms) should be used carefully and only to present Tunngle.Net Products.

Examples of allowed use:

  • A Tunngle Review
  • A link to the Tunngle.Net Website
  • A Tunngle Client Download Mirror

Fan Websites, Community Projects and other uses

If you plan to create your own Fan Website or Community Project please avoid using our Official Logo/Icon (or a part of it) as your Website/Project Logo/Icon because it can give the wrong idea that Tunngle.Net GmbH runs your website/project.

If you feel the need to, you can use our Fan Kit Logos as the starting base for your Community Project Fan Art Logos.
Please note that under no circumstances our Logos and Icons should be used to mislead people, for commercial purposes or to present products that are not from Tunngle.Net.

Fan Kit Logos

We've created a Tunngle Art Fan Kit for all those Tunngle Fans that are looking for some Tunngle related Logos to start their own Community Projects and Websites. You can download it here:

Feel free to share your Art on our Tunngle Media Forum. We'll be happy to give you some rep!

Good luck and have fun with it!