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Internet Connection Sharing

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Internet Connection Sharing

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is the name given by Microsoft to a feature of its Windows operating system for sharing a single Internet connection on one computer (ICS Server) between other computers (ICS Clients) on the same local area network.

Tunngle and ICS

Tunngle works fine in conjunction with ICS although on certain system it might require some additional configuration. If you are not experiencing any issue, you can live happy without doing any further step.

Tunngle on an ICS Server

Running Tunngle on an ICS Server doesn't usually require any additional configuration.

Anyway if you are running Tunngle on an ICS Server and your ICS Clients can't browse the Internet you need to manually set the DNS for each client. You can either use your ISP DNS or any other free DNS like Open DNS:

  • Primary:
  • Alternative:

To do this open Network Connections on your ICS Client Computers, right-click the Adapter over which the Internet Connection is shared, select Properties, choose Internet Protocol Version 4 from the list, click Properties, select Use the Following DNS Addresses, type in the two numbers above, click Ok a couple of times and you should be done.

Tunngle on ICS Client and Server Simultaneously

If you plan to use Tunngle simultaneously on A and B, you need to change the Tunngle port on the ICS Client. To do this go to ICS Client->Tunngle->System->Options and choose another port like 11160. Click ok and restart Tunngle.

Tunngle on an ICS Client

Internet Connection Sharing Options
ICS Advanced Settings

If you are trying to use Tunngle from an ICS Client and you are getting errors you might need to configure a Port Forward on your ICS Server.

Let's suppose that you have two pc connected to the Internet one of which (ICS Server - A) shares the Internet connection via Microsoft ICS with the second one (ICS Client - B).

To configure the Port Forward properly go to Network Connection on computer B, select the adapter that is connected to the ICS Server, right click, select Status and then Details. Copy the IPv4 Address of that PC (IP under Xp - C). Ensure that port forwarding is checked and that upnp is unchecked, then click ok and close Tunngle.

Now go to computer A (the ICS server) and open the Control Panel. In the Control Panel choose Network Connections, then right click on the Internet Connection (which is the connection shared over ICS) and select Properties. In the Advanced tab, click Settings (not the firewall one but the Internet Connection Sharing one). In the Services box, click Add.

Fill in as follows:

  • Description: Tunngle
  • Name or IP: The dotted number C copied before (most likely it will be something like 192.168.0.x) that is to say the IP Address of computer B.

Protocol: UDP

  • External Port number for this service: 11155 (or as set in Tunngle->System->Options on computer B (for example 11160), if you use Tunngle on both PCs read below!)
  • Internal Port number for this service: same as external

Internet Connection Sharing Options
ICS Advanced Settings

Click 'Ok' to complete the configuration, ensure that the 'Tunngle' checkbox is checked, and then click 'Ok' to exit the 'Advanced Settings' dialog box. Now you can try to fire up Tunngle again on computer B.