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IPX Protocol

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IPX Protocol

IPX stands for Internetwork Packet Exchange. IPX is a networking protocol that was used from the late 1980s through the mid-1990s and is no longer supported by Windows.

Modern Times

Because of IPX's prevalence in LANs in the 1990s, Microsoft added support for the protocols into Windows networking, starting with Windows for Workgroups and Windows NT. Microsoft named their implementation NWLink.
NWLink was provided up to Windows Server 2003, but it is neither included nor supported in Windows Vista and Windows Seven.
Its use is strongly discouraged because it cannot be used for Windows networking and it is deprecated.

Good Old Games

Since IPX was the networking standard some time ago, good old games like Red Alert 2 and some others require this protocol.
However since newer version of Windows do not come with native support the common solution is to use the actual Windows Networking to tunnel the old IPX protocol.

Tunngle Support

In order to play IPX games over Tunngle you have two ways:

Please note that these two methods rely on third-party software that is not provided by or related to Tunngle.Net GmbH.
We provide these links only for your convenience. Read carefully the third-party instructions and the third-party licenses before you use those softwares.

IPX Wrapper

This method is best suited for Windows Games.
IPXwrapper is a Winsock wrapper which transparently tunnels IPX packets over IP using UDP port 54792.
IPXWrapper works for various games like but not limited to Red Alert 2, WarCraft II, Army Men RTS, Lords of Magic SE, Dark Reign, Diablo I etc. etc..

How To

Usage is very simple:

  • Download the latest version of IPXWrapper from here (should be the first file)
  • Make a backup of the game folder just in case you want to rollback
  • Extract the contents of the zip to the folder where your old game is installed
  • Run the game normally
  • Create or Join a LAN game using IPX, as you normally would on a system with the IPX protocol installed.


If you are having problems:

  • Remember to check that the firewall doesn't block anything.
  • If the game requires more than one IPX process run ipxouter
  • If you get no errors but you still can't connect to other computers it might be that the game is binding to the wrong network interface. In this case you need to run the ipxconfig program and set the Tunngle interface as default.

DOSBox Emulator

This method works for DOS games.

How To

Let's say that (before the next Death Star battle) Luke (PC_A) and Palpatine (PC_B) want to play an old game together . Here is what they have to do:

  • Download and Install DOSBox from here
  • Enable IPX in the DOSBox options
    • Open the options file Windows Start Menu
    • Look for ipx and change ipx=true
    • Save the options file
    • Do this for both PCs
  • Start Tunngle and jump in the same game network with both PCs
  • Start DOSBox
  • Start the DOSBox ipxnet server on PC_A
    • Type ipxnet startserver port on PC_A DOSBox console (replace port with a number bigger than 1024! ports below 1024 wont' work)
    • Press Enter
  • Connect the DOSBox ipxnet client of PC_B to PC_A
    • Type ipxnet connect TunngleIP port on PC_B DOSBox Console (TunngleIP is the Tunngle IP of PC_A and port is the number picked by Luke on PC_A
    • Press Enter
  • Start the game
    • Type mount c path where path is the full game path in the windows machine (e.g. c:\dosgame) and press enter
    • Type c: in the DOSBox console and press enter
    • Type the game executable name like game.exe
    • Do this for both PCs
  • Create or Join the game over IPX as you normally would if IPX was installed on your PC.


  • You can find the IPX guide here.
  • Remember to check that the firewall doesn't block anything.