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Elite Group

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Tunngle Elite Group

The Tunngle Elite is made by Community Members that distinguished themselves with their Tunngle support.
These Tunnglers have a very special place in our Community: they are true friends, they work close with us and help us with decisions, development and testing.


A member of the Tunngle Elite has access to Tunngle Beta previews and Development snapshots.
Elite members also get extended community features:

  • Special Star Icon near the nickname in the Tunngle Networks
  • Increased max positive rep points per day that they can give
  • Increased personal messages limits
  • Increased number of invitations for personal conversations
  • Increased attachment quota
  • Increased number of gallery albums
  • Increased personal photo limit
  • Increased number of blogs
  • Special Elite rank on the Forum
  • Special blue nickname color on the Forum
  • No Advertising both in Forum and Client
  • All Premium and Lifetime Features Free
  • Access to the Elite Forum

They also have a special role when it comes to testing new Tunngle features.

Becoming part of the Tunngle Elite

Being an Elite member is not a one day thing. It takes time but it also gives much satisfaction.
There is really no predefined recipe to become part of the Elite, except showing enthusiastic Support for Tunngle and the Community.
If you do something for Tunngle, the Tunngle team will notice and do something for you.
Our Community is really important for us and we are always thankful to the people that help Tunngle or the Community. Simple as that.

Rules of the Group

The members of the Tunngle Elite, just like the team, have to respect the same rules that apply to anyone in the Community.
Just like Spiderman would say, "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" so being an Elite requires a good supportive attitude. The Tunngle Team might decide to remove Elite Members that remain inactive for too long or that do actions that might harm Tunngle or its Community.

Tunngle Elite Members

We're not after quantity but quality.

Current members of the group are:

  • Versatile (for his outstanding support on his blog and on Youtube)
  • Zocker4Life (for his everyday participation in the Community life and support)
  • ObeseWhale (for his contribution to the Community life, his support and his CNQReboot project)
  • Mike Harper (for his everyday participation in the Community life, his support and for his help testing new Tunngle versions)
  • UNDER_GREY (for his excellent work supporting Tunngle and the Team with the Russian Community)
  • Blaczor.original (for his excellent support with Youtube and Russian Gaming Groups)


As Tunngle Team, we would like to thank all the members of the Elite group for their contribution with making Tunngle what it is now. You guys are so special to us!
We're really eager to meet the next Community Member that will join your ranks!