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Community Troubleshooter

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Tunngle Community Troubleshooter

The Tunngle Community Troubleshooter is a Tunngle Community contribution that can help to troubleshoot certain Tunngle problems:

  • Failed Install
  • Adapter not found
  • Service not found
  • Tunngle adapter Name
  • UPnP not Working
  • Required services for UPnP
  • Port Forward
  • Games for Windows Live Adapter Override
  • Required Windows Services
  • Windows Firewall
  • Other Installation related problem.


The Tunngle Community Troubleshooter is NOT official Tunngle software but just a Community contribution provided AS IS with no warranty of any kind. For this reason you use it at your own personal risk.


The troubleshooter does not currently support Tunngle 5.8.3.

How to

The Tunngle Community Troubleshooter requires administration rights in order to work.
To use it, just run it as Admin.

The Log

The Tunngle Community Troubleshooter generates a Log file that can be used for Troubleshooting purposes.
If you like it is a useful thing to post on the forum when you are experiencing certain issues and you want to ask for help.