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Client:Game Launch Button

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Tunngle Client Game Launch "Play" Button

Tunngle Game Launch Button
Game Launch Button

The Tunngle Client Game Launch Button or just "Play Button" can be used to quickly start your preferred game from a network.

Accessing the Play Button

The Game Launch Play Button is available in any Tunngle network near the Chat Send Button.

How To

If you press the Play from any Tunngle Network, Tunngle will launch any associated game.
If no association has been previously made you will be required to make one.

Associating a Game

The first time you press the Game Launch Button you will be presented with a file selection dialog.
In order to associate your game with the active network please browse to the game folder and select the game executable.
In this screen you can also:

  • Specify run parameters for the game exe
  • Choose to automatically create Windows Firewall rules for the game (required to host)
  • Choose to run the game as Administrator (required for some old games)
  • Choose to force the game to use the Tunngle Adapter via a third-party plugin (required if the game binds to the wrong adapter).

Configuring a Game at a later time

To configure a game at a later time, just right click the Play button and select Configure.