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Tunngle Account

The Tunngle Account is your passport for the Tunngle World.
The Tunngle Account lets you access the following:

  • Tunngle Networks
  • Tunngle Web Services (Forum, Wiki, Videos, Gallery etc.etc.)

Sign up

You can register a new Tunngle account here. Before you can register you need to tick the captcha checkbox and prove that you're human.
If you don't see the Captcha checkbox, please make sure that is not blocked by your browser or ad filter.
If the Captcha still doesn't appear, you can try to use a different browser like Opera.


Each account must have a valid email for all the general Account management purposes.
For this reason we require that you validate your email by clicking the validation link contained in the validation email received upon signup.
Failing to do so, will prevent you from registering an account.

  • Validation emails are only valid for 30 minutes since you register. If you receive the "Could not find your request" error it means that the link expired. Just start over the registration to receive a new email.
  • If clicking the validation link doesn't work, you can copy and paste the second one as text in your Web Browser address bar.
  • If you do not receive the validation email please check carefully that your spam filters are not preventing the email from reaching you.
  • If your provider allows it, you can add "[email protected]" to your email account trusted senders list (Microsoft Mail). After this you can try to register again.
  • You can request a new validation email by starting a new registration after the previous email expired.
  • If you received it but the link redirects you to our Community website, it's possible that your email client is not parsing it correctly. In this case you can copy the link from the email using the textual link provided in the box.
  • Once your account is verified you will be able to access your Account Settings Page.

Username and Nickname

The Tunngle Username (or Tunngle Account Name) is the name that you use to login into your account.
The Tunngle Display Name is the name that identifies your Account. For Basic accounts the Tunngle Username is also used as the Tunngle Display Name Lifetime and Premium Accounts can pick a custom nickname.
Choosing a good Nickname is really important, because this is the name that identifies you in the Tunngle World.

Good practices

For the best experience (e.g. Tunngle DNS and Tunngle Web Signature) it is strongly recommended that you use only Latin alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9, "_" "-").
If you are experiencing difficulties, be sure that you check that your System Locale matches your language.

Changing Nickname

Lifetime and Premium Members can change their nickname from Tunngle->System->Account or using this link.
Basic Members cannot change their nickname but can close their account to register under a new nick.


The Tunngle Account comes with an unique secret password which is the key that lets you access all of our services.
You can change your password here.
If you forgot it, you can recover your user and password here. To learn more about the password please check our Password section.

Closing your Account

To close your Tunngle Basic Account you can use this link.
Please note that we do not support closure requests for free Basic accounts via email anymore.

Account Maintenance

Although very unlikely, we might exceptionally close some older broken accounts. In the unlikely event that your Account has been closed you can always create a new one for free under the same name. For more info about your account you can write to support[AT]

Account Status

You can always check your account status in your Account Settings Page.

Obsolete/Broken Accounts

If there are problems with you account, our system will inform you about it with a very specific message. In this case you can write to support[AT] and share the exact error code with us.