That's Tunngle

It is Tunngle’s avowed goal to make playing in multi-player format as easy as can be. The user will be able to download a P2P-VPN client to activate the LAN party over the net. Any game in integrated LAN format, irrespective of whether old or new, can be played via Tunngle. Tunngle is also used as a platform for games the support of which has been discontinued for some time by the original manufacturer on its own internet multiplayer server. In a manner of speaking, Tunngle is the Facebook, Twitter, ICQ and Skype of the Gamers rolled into one. Interlink offers as special function the incorporation of public game servers into one of the Tunngle networks, with no additional software installation needed. The one-of-a-kind combination of features needed for ultimate gaming, drives Tunngle’s ever-increasing popularity. Learn why our platform is sought out by two million people all around the world. Experience the largest and most successful portal for multiplayer games!