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The Tunngle Wiki is at the same time the backbone of the integrated Tunngle Help System and the Tunngle Community Knowledgebase. The Tunngle Wiki is the melting-pot where the Developer and the Community perspective come together to create a simple and yet professional Help System for everyone!
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Watching is learning. Whether you are looking for a guide or you're just after some casual fun, the Tunngle Community is full of informative videos that can help you understand the wonderful world of Tunngle.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Requirements Get ready for Tunngle!

Tunngle fully supports the following operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows MCE, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.x - x86(32bit) and the x64(64bit) architectures.

No. Administrative Rights are only needed to launch the Tunngle Setup for the installation.

Payment Understanding our free and paid offer

Yes, you can count on it! Tunngle features a free Basic offer which is (and always will be) free.

No! Tunngle Basic is a fully functional and feature packed offer that includes more features than other paid software does.

Our server infrastructure has a cost and advertising allows us to keep the access to our service entirely free for all our Basic members.

Tunngle Fans, Professional Users and Hardcore Gamers can purchase one of our Premium subscriptions to unleash the full power of Tunngle.

Tunngle Premium is our monthly subscription plan. Tunngle Lifetime is our "pay-once and enjoy-forever" subscription plan.

Sure thing. Premium and Lifetime subscribers have the option to remove advertising.

Connection All you need to know about Tunngle Networking

Of course not. Tunngle is a direct Peer to Peer Virtual Private Networking software. This means that you are directly connecting to the other players and that, once the connection is established, no data goes through our servers.

The Tunngle servers offer the mediation services that allow the direct connection to be established. This means helping your computer to connect to other players' computers.

Your ping is relative to the other players. This means that it only depends on the connection between you and the other player. Nearby players will have a beautiful ping.

Yes if you have an Internet connection and a Windows-based PC you can use Tunngle from everywhere.

Mobile connections aren't officially supported but Tunngle works for most of them (if you get an error, you can usually skip it and join a network to test).

Private (house)/Public (bench) network locations are a system that Windows Firewall uses to organize its rules. Tunngle works perfectly regardless of your choice (Public Network, the one with the bench sign, is the more restrictive one). If you choose a network location, all games will need to have that specific location checkbox ticked in the Windows Firewall exception list.

Of course not! Antivirus and firewalls are there for a reason. Once you configured them properly by adding proper rules for both the Games and the Tunngle executables, you shouldn't have any problem with them. If you have issues, please note that turning off/uninstalling your antivirus/firewall should be done only as the last resort thing and only for a limited testing period. Before you get to that point, please add Tunngle.exe and TnglCtrl.exe to the antivirus exceptions and to the firewall rules. Read here if you need to troubleshoot a problem.

No it is normal. Like a real adapter, the Tunngle adapter becomes "plugged" only when Tunngle is connected.

The Port Forward (just like the Port Trigger) is a technique that helps your router when for some reason Tunngle connections are failing.
You only need to worry about Port Forward and Port Trigger when you see many red X near other player's nicknames in the Tunngle Networks.

If you forward the port you maximize the possibility to establish connections with the other players. This means that you will also be able to connect to players that cannot receive inbound connections.

Please check our Port Forward and our Port Trigger wiki sections.
Verify that you do not use Multiple port forwarding methods at a time because some routers have issues with this.

You can try to check the UPnP Automatic Port Forward Option that you can find under Tunngle->System->Options and restart Tunngle.

Tunngle by default uses UDP port 11155. You can change port from Tunngle->System-Options. Please do NOT use Port 11156!

No you don't. When you are running Tunngle, all data goes through the Tunngle port. Tunngle acts like a big smart pipe that links different systems through a single port. It is like if you plugged a new network card in your PC and then linked it with all the other PCs that you see in the network. You can host/join games over the Tunngle adapter as you would do on a normal LAN without any further step.

You can restart Tunngle and check the smiley at the bottom right. If it's a green smile then you did it!

In this case you need to create one account for each PC and forward a different port to each Computer. Please be sure that you choose different ports. For example you can forward port 11155 to PC A, port 11160 to PC B and so on. Please remember to also set the port for each PC under Tunngle->System->Options. Please do NOT use port 11156!

DMZ (Demilitarized zone) is a router setting that exposes the PC to the Internet without any kind of protection, independently of the software you are running on your PC. If you enable this, and you don't have a valid software firewall, your PC will be reachable from the outside. This is of course risky and should not be done except for testing purposes.

If you are using more than one router you need to forward the Tunngle port from the first one to the second one and then from the second one to your PC. More info here.

If you are experiencing troubles and you are NOT using a router (or, in general, if you can't forward) you can try to contact your Internet Service Provider and ask if they can forward the port for you. Also please check that your software firewall and antivirus are not interfering.

Gaming Playing your LAN games On-line

There is no need to setup a launcher (but you can do that if you want). Please check our Beginner's Guide for more information on how to play.

Yes. Click here for more information.

Please request it here providing the Game Name, a link to the game website, the game Genre and a brief description about the game and LAN availability.
Please read the first post and verify that the game network doesn't exist before you request it.

Security Feel safe, be safe

No. Since all connections are direct and strongly encrypted, there can be no data preservation on our side and your privacy is thus safe.

You can figure your PC like a room. In order for some stuff to enter you need to have doors. On a PC these doors are determined by the software that you are running. The Tunngle Mini-Firewall prevents connections to the vulnerable Windows Services so, as long as you are not running broken or malicious third-party software, your computer is safe. To further control the software that you are running, you can use an antivirus and a firewall. This is not much different from what you need to do when you browse the Web.

No, it isn't! Windows firewall is an useful protection in all networked environments and it shouldn't be turned off unless you know what you are doing. You can allow Tunngle and Games from "Control Panel-Allow a Program through Windows Firewall". On Windows Vista / Windows 7 and 8 please remember to tick both private and public checkboxes for the game/Tunngle exceptions. You can be sure that, once properly configured, Windows Firewall will never be a problem.

Community The heart and soul of Tunngle gaming

Tunngle supports a number of different languages. Official translations: EnglishGerman and Italian
Our community translated the interface to the following languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay (Malysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand), Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Latin and Cyrillic), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian.

You can use Tunngle Babel Community Software to help us with the translation. Click here for more info.

Tunngle has many fan based Communities around the web. These websites were created by people that fell in love with our program and are totally independent from Tunngle.Net GmbH.

The following web adresses are Tunngle.Net GmbH official pages:
Website (also .net .com .it .de .biz .tv .us) -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Tumblr -
Youtube -
Google+ -
Tunngle Blog -

We created Tunngle so that people could enjoy it and we are happy to see that resourceful people are independently deciding to support us by creating their own sites or projects. For this reason, as long as you don't depict Tunngle as your own product, you can create a new fan based Tunngle Project. When a visitor comes to your site, he has to be informed that Tunngle is a Tunngle.Net GmbH product and that Tunngle.Net GmbH does not endorse the content of your site. Furthermore it should be clear that your site is a Community Fan Site and that the official Tunngle Support is only accessible at Make use of our Tunngle Fan-Kit to include Tunngle in your own Projects: Fan-Kit Download

There are many things that you can do to help. You can play games, spread the word, post new helpful topics, help others, translate the Tunngle Interface, create videos and artwork, give good suggestions etc etc.. In a few words: Play, Support and Have Fun. For any other thing you can contact Brioche (English, Italian) or ZAX (German, English) via personal message over the forum.

We reward our most active supporters with free Premium and free access to VIP features (including beta preview and developments snapshots). Tunngle Enthusiasts are marked with a blue star in the Tunngle Networks. For more please check this wiki page!

Please tell us! Your suggestions are really important. We design Tunngle for you and much of the Tunngle changelog has been shaped over helpful Community Suggestions.

Troubleshooting If there is a problem, we're here to help you

Simple go to Tunngle->System->Options, disable UPnP and restart Tunngle. Once you did that, you can search your router model at and perform a Manual Port Forward.

You can check this Beta Community Tool. You can use the Tunngle Community Connection Test with a friend to verify the Tunngle connectivity.

First of all don't panic. If it was working and you didn't change anything, the solution can't really be too hard. As first step try to reboot your PC and your router/modem (power off/wait a little/power on). After this, if the issue persists, you should check your Internet connection. Is it fine? Is your Internet Service Provider having problems? What about Tunngle server maintenance? Please take a look at the Tunngle System Status Page and verify if other members are reporting issues here.
If, after this, the situation hasn't changed please check the smiley at the bottom right. Is it like it was before? If not, please check our Troubleshooting Section again. The next step is to check your network related software (firewall/antivirus). Did it receive an update? Is it working normally? Did you install/change the configuration of any other program? If so, you can try reverting changes. You can also try to uninstall, reboot, install, reboot Tunngle . Another thing you can try is running the Community Troubleshooter. You can also try with a malware/antivirus scan. As last step if you think that something wrong has happened on your system you can try to run Microsoft Windows System Restore (use with extreme caution!, try all the other ways before). If you cannot solve the issue, please visit our Support Forum.
Please take a look at the news (Facebook, Twitter) and verify if other members are reporting issues here.

You will not be assigned a Tunngle Virtual IP until you'll join a network. When you join one, Tunngle will show your Virtual IP at the bottom left of the client interface.