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Tunngle Basic is 100% free! You will be able to play any game you like,
use your messenger and enjoy your Tunngle experience.
If then you'll choose to try the full power of Tunngle,
you will always have the option to upgrade to a Tunngle Premium or Lifetime Account.

Features Basic Plus Premium Lifetime
Ad-free Client & Forum

The Tunngle Forum and the Tunngle Client are 100% Advertising-Free for all members with an active Premium License. When you login into our Services and your account license is verified as Premium, all the annoying advertising disappears granting you the best possible entertainment experience!

LAN Emulation

Our Local Area Network Emulation allows you to easily play your games on-line just like you would do if your friends brought their computer to your place. Tunngle connects your computer to other computers and creates giant Virtual Networks that you can use to play your LAN Multiplayer games over the Internet. Tunngle LAN Emulation works with virtually any program that has IP based network capabilities. The complete list of supported programs-games is so long that we would need several pages just to print it.

Network Chat

Every network comes with a fully functional chat that allows you to communicate with every other player that is active on the same network. This chat is a powerful social tool and gives you the possibility to meet new people, find players, arrange tournaments, discuss games, receive help or just have some small talk. Tunngle also features some chat-only networks (called lobbies) that offer excellent ways to socialize with the other members of the Community.

Gaming Performance

We know how important performance is for gamers. For this reason, we implemented our own proprietary network protocol to exchange your game data. This protocol is extremely fast and secure. Since the early stages of development, our main focus has always been on reliability and speed. Our plan is to keep it this way for the time being.

Strong Encryption

Tunngle protects your privacy using the internationally approved Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). This encryption algorithm won against its competitors in a contest organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We are using the highest possible encryption level with a key length of 256bits. The keys are exchanged using the secure RSA method with 2048bits encryption. The abbreviation RSA is composed by the initials of the surnames of the inventors Ronald L. Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adelman. This method is the Internet standard for all applications that rely on a secure key exchange.

Mini-Firewall Security

Your Computer security is important. The Tunngle Mini-Firewall protects your computer from the serious attacks that would otherwise be possible in a normal Local Area Network environment. Ports and protocols are restricted in order to block any access to critical Windows system services on your machine. If you want to expose some of these services, our Tunngle Premium membership plans allow you to add exceptions to the Mini-Firewall rules.

Instant Messenger

Tunngle integrates a versatile Instant Messenger that allows you to create and maintain a buddy list. Our Messenger is a great tool to chat with your best friends and to share your gaming experience with them. With the Tunngle Messenger you can easily see when your friends are on-line and find out which game they are playing. If you feel the need for it, the Tunngle messenger offers you the option to Appear Off-line. When this option is enabled, you can still start an outbound chat session with any of the members on your buddy list.

Network Range Emulators

As a matter of fact, a consistent number of LAN games requires all the players' IP addresses to fall within a special range. This can often be the source of C-Class or B-Class errors when attempting to join a game over a Virtual Private Network connection. Tunngle implements several levels of Network Range Emulation to help you counter this issue. When the Network Range Emulators are active, every other player in the network will receive a new IP address compatible with yours. This allows you to easily create and join LAN games using our Zero-Configuration Virtual Private Network technology even when all the other tools fail. Our Network Range Emulators can be activated both for Private and Public networks adding great flexibility to our Virtual Network structure.

Public Networks (Up to 255 Players)

Our Public Networks are the core of the Tunngle Gaming Experience. For each game, we create one or more huge Virtual Networks where players from all over the world can gather and play together. Even if they sound simple, our Public Networks are an amazing piece of technology and have set the new unrivaled quality standard for the Virtual Private Network Gaming world. Tunngle Public Networks are a powerful asset when it comes to on-line entertainment and offer nonstop gaming opportunities throughout the day.

Static Virtual IP

Tunngle  include a Static Virtual IP Address. This allows you to simplify your game hosting process when knowledge of the IP Address is required in order for game clients to join your server. If your game doesn't implement the Local Area Network browser, your game clients will be able to save your server Virtual IP Address rather than having to obtain it every time.

Basic Private Networks (Up to 32 Players)

Tunngle allows every member to create one Virtual Network for up to 32 players. These Basic Networks are excellent when you need a room to play with friends or if you need privacy to run your business applications. Tunngle offers you the possibility to choose the network name, the password, the emulator type and specify a custom network welcome message. If you need to, you can change your network settings at any time without any kind of restriction. Basic Networks are private and do not appear in the network browser or in the network search. A Basic Network will be deleted after a period of inactivity allowing you to recreate it as many times as you need. Your Basic Private Network always comes with one slot reserved for you.

Private Networks (Up to 255 Players)

Members with a Premium license can create huge and persistent Virtual Networks for up to 255 computers. These Premium Networks are a fine piece of technology and can be invaluable for all those that have high capacity needs. They are very affordable and effective since they can be joined by any free Tunngle Basic Account and they come with the full feature package, allowing you to customize the name, the password, the emulation type, the welcome message and to add Interlink servers to them. Premium Networks aren't shown in the Tunngle Browser but, in the future, will include the option to appear in the Tunngle Network Search. While your Premium license is active, your Premium Private Network will never be deleted and will always have one slot reserved for you. If your Premium subscription expires and your account turns back to Basic, your Premium Network will remain reserved for 31 more days, giving you the possibility to reactivate it by renewing your Premium subscription in time.

Change Nickname

The Tunngle Nickname is a funny way to protect your privacy and at the same time define your gaming style. When you're looking for a change you can modify and personalize your nickname just like you would do with a dress. In order to prevent abuses, a minimum amount of time has to pass between two consecutive nickname changes.

Tunngle Interlink

The Tunngle Interlink allows you to add your public dedicated server to any of the existing Tunngle Networks. Once the Interlink has been established, your server will appear in the LAN browser of the game for all the players online on the network that you've chosen. Of course your public server will still be reachable by all the Internet enabled users via its public IP. The Tunngle Interlink does not require you to install Tunngle on the target machine. You can use this feature for servers hosted with any Operating System as long as they are reachable over the Internet and they properly reply to the Interlink packets. This feature is available both for Public and Private Networks.

Special Chat Color

Distinguish yourself! Chat messages sent by members with a Premium license are displayed in the client with a special color.

All future Premium Updates

Premium and Lifetime members will automatically receive all the new Premium Features for free. The idea is simple: if you support Tunngle now and help us gather the resources to develop Tunngle faster, you'll achieve a special status and get all the new Premium Features (even those not listed here) without spending a cent.

V.I.T. Achievement - Very Important Tunngler

Lifetime members will achieve the exclusive Very Important Tunngler Status which will be visible in the client as a golden star. This Lifetime badge is awarded to all the Lifetime members as a reward for supporting and helping to crowd-fund Tunngle. When you buy Lifetime you are making the right choice! Your help will never be forgotten!

Premium 4 Life

Lifetime members will enjoy all the Premium features for their whole life without any restriction or time limit. Buying Lifetime now is like winning a lottery. You'll just need to sit there and enjoy the new Premium features as they come at you completely free. If this isn't a fair deal, what is?

Monthly Fee

Tunngle Premium Plan unleashes the full potential of Tunngle for a cheap monthly price (just 2.99€ for 30 days).

One-Time Payment

Lifetime is our special launch offer for all the hardcore Tunngle Community members. A single one-time payment is all it takes to secure unlimited access to Tunngle Premium for Life! This means that your investment will repay itself in just a few months!

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