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Posted 10 June 2011 - 18:47

Well there are many many guides to how to play AOE III on tunngle but most of them are videos, so for some of you a written one might be better. This guide covers unsupported in-game rules which are used in the tunngle room of AOE III.

I won't describe the firewall\router problems, because for that there is this topic.

This guide covers :

- Adjusting AOE III for tunngle.
- Additional gameplay adjustments (requires a decent graphic card)
- A few definitions which might be useful.
- The newbie guide, when are you ready ?

Adjusting AOE III for tunngle.

How to check if I need to configure AOE III
Launch AOE III = > Multiplayer = > LAN = > Host Game.
Look above, you should have this : 7.X.XX.XXX (you tunngle IP).
If not, you need to configure AOE III.

How to configure AOE III for tunngle.
First enter Documents/My Documents.
My games = > Age of Empires 3 = > Startup.
There you will either already have a file called USER.cfg or not.

How to create the CFG FILE:

Right click - > New - > Text Document.
In the document type :
and ofcorse 7.X.XX.XXX is YOUR tunngle IP.

Now when you save it, name it "USER.cfg" and instead of Text Document, choose all files.
If that still creates your file as a text document.
- Go to Tools (up the window, if you don't have it press ALT)
- Folder Options = > View = > Disable "Hide extensions for known file types"
- Now return to folder, and change the file name from "USER.CFG.TXT" to "USER.CFG"

Now you are basically good to go. The next section will enable you to modificate your gameplay a little bit.

Additional gameplay adjustments

This you add to your user.cfg file.

+nointrocinematics = > this one disables the cinematic in start. Save pushing buttons to skip it.

hidepopups = > Disables some annoyance with the pause box.

This one is very usefull. It enables you to zoom out more from the game :


*play with values till you get the result you want.
minZoom - how far the camera can get.
normalZoom - defaul camera view
maxZoom - how close the camera can get.

Tweaking ingame options :

Recommended UI options :
Enable Minimized UI
Show gathers per resource
Show advanced formations

Recommended Game Options :
Enable Easy Drag Military
Allow Camera Rotation
Camera Acceleration time = 0
Disable Online Privacy
Disable Filter Chat
Disable Economy gather points only on right click

MUST have UI options :
Show game time - (This is how you count the No Rush/Treaty Time)
Show player score - (Have a clue about how good your opponent is)

In Graphic options, enabling window mode while having game resolution same as screen resolution will make it more comfortable switching between tunngle and game, and doing other stuff while seeing AOE III lobby.

AOE III Errors

"failed to join game"
- A firewall is blocking AOE III. (Disable windows firewall/any other firewall software)
- You and one of the users in the room don't see each other in tunngle. ( Port_Forward tunngle )
- There is a conflict between your router and AOE III. (Restart the router)
- Wireless connection problems might show this error, connect wired.
- AOE III isn't using tunngle IP, configure the game for tunngle (USER.CFG)

"CRC mismatch"
- You must update the game to ver 1.14 and have no ****** installed.
(Install a fresh copy without adding ******, then update from ingame or download this)
- For some users additional commands in the USER.cfg file interrupts. delete them and leave only adress overriding.
- If you have any mods/addons install a fresh copy without adding any mods/addons.
- You are having an expansion like TAD or TWC. To fix, reinstall the game without adding those expansions.

If the scrolling inside game is stattering.
- Disable Anti Aliasing
- Disable V sync
- Minimize Scrolling Speed
- Update graphic card driver / direct x / visual studio / .Netframe .
* Note : Reinstalling the whole system worked for me :D

"Out of Memory"
If you have less than 1GB RAM, big battles might crash your game or the whole system (very rare error).

The newbie section - Am i ready to play vs other players in tunngle

Well, this section is for people who never played in multiplayer and don't know how it works.
Tunngle in-game non supported rules :

NR - No rush - Treaty - Peace

Which means that for a given amount of time, players are not allowed to attack each other in anyway (ships\soldiers\explorers). The game doesn't support this, so you have to trust your opponent about this.
The watch used is the ingame watch (see "Must Have UI options")

- You can't attack trade posts\buildings\units\ships owned by player during the No Rush time.
- You can't build barracks\Towers too close to your enemy, those this is not always decided.
- You can take any Trade post you want, there is no dividing for them.
- You can research Spies and port blocking, no rule against that.
- You can take any treasures you want.
- If you attack by mistake, back off and make sure your opponent isn't angry on you.

A rush game

- You can attack whenever you want, so be ready to get attack at minute 6-10

No ships
Usually chosen when using "Large Maps" where water is not deciding the game.
- You aren't allowed to train warships
- You aren't allowed to transport units using ships

- You are allowed to build fishing ships

99% of tunngle expirienced players to not play vs computers, so never ask.

Many players know how to edit the save-game and shoot their levels to 80-120. (or 1000)
This is wrong to do because most players rely on your level, maxing it out will only unbalance the game, or make it boring for good opponents who didn't edit their level.
Having a high level doesn't add any in-game effect and doesn't make you stronger.
For getting all cards in low level, train yourself in skirmish until level 25, then edit the savegame and add more skill points (110 is enough)


If you are able to beat 1 computer expert, you are ready for low level games, if you can't, train until you do.
Having a few decks for any type of map and game is very important.
Understanding the way of the deck construction, for example not using unit cards in a no-rush deck, or ship bonuses on a no water deck.

That's all for now, the guide is written solely on my personal experience in tunngle and my minimal understanding in systems and computers.

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#2 User is offline   angelofspace35 Icon

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Posted 27 June 2012 - 06:11

okay, I'm hosting a game, my friend can see my game but cant join, I've done all of this and still doesn't work. any help?

#3 User is offline   Brioche Icon

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Posted 27 June 2012 - 12:30

Hi :). Here you can find some general tips: Troubleshooting#Can.27t_find-join-host_a_game ;).

If you need help check this and this.
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Posted 29 July 2012 - 00:03

I did all that, and my ip still is ive disconnected the wireless and it happears the Tunngle ip but when i connect to the internet again it disconnects. Does somebody know how to resolve this problem?

#5 User is offline   BiKeR_BoYz Icon

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Posted 29 June 2013 - 13:45

I make step for IP Adress in game but IP didn't change...On my friend IP is changed to Tunngle IP but not mine...Why?I can't find hosts and they can't find mine.. :X

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Posted 17 December 2013 - 19:54

i have the same problem. Bothe me and my firiend installed the same game even used the same CD *** and stuff but my AOE 3 ip is changed to tunngle ip when im hosting a game but my friend's ip does not change no matter what, i have tried many things mentioned here Troubleshooting#Can.27t_find-join-host_a_game but none of them work, the damn ip just doesn't change im soo frustrated i don't know what to doo this is the first time im having so much problem with some game and im quite experienced in *****ing games or making them work..please reply someone

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Posted 18 December 2013 - 06:21

Hi :) Have you made the user.cfg as described in the first post? If you havent already then make it.
If you've made it and still having problems, try this:
1. Set the user.cfg to Read Only
2. Run the game as Administrator.
Not sure about this game but some other game worked for me by doing these.
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If you're not able to connected in game then you can check this wiki: Troubleshooting#Can.27t_find-join-host_a_game :)
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