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Can't Host or join in Diablo 2 LOD Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 17 June 2010 - 19:43

One week from now, me and my friend had decided to play Diablo 2 Together.
So we managed ourselves to get the game to everybody but for the most of us, we have the same CD-Key.

So I thought that we could play online with a private server or hamachi. But the privates are rare and hamachi won't work.
And Then i found Tunngle, which seems nice to play. So after some settings up and test. We still cannot play together. It always give us the Cannot reach server error or something like that.

I've made the Red Alert Test and it stayed stuck on the "Waiting for other Players" screen.
I've tried to join someone else game and It won't work.

We all have used the community troubleshooter and port fowarded all port needed on my router.

So We need Help to setup our Computers to be able to play together.

Here's some informations (if you need more, just ask) :
Game : Diablo 2 LOD 1.13c
Router(Mine) : WBR-2310
Port Used : 11155

(Sorry for my bad English)

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Posted 17 June 2010 - 21:33


As you said, be sure to have opened the Tunngle port ( i did it in TCp and UDP, 11155) and to use the SAME game version !
Check that your game is allowed to go through your firewall too!
For more information, you should get in the Diablo 2 network and ask help to the other players online :].
Hope this will help you a bit but i cant say furthermore cause i havent play it for a long time :) but i already played it by LAN and it worked :)

ReSiStance Power
In memories to all Privates who died and have been wounded while the World War II.

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Posted 17 June 2010 - 22:03

Our versions are the same, because we have exactly the same game, copied from a usb key.

I openned the port 11155 Tcp and UDP and 6112 TCP/UDP for Diablo.

Sadly, People in the Diablo 2 network are very quiet and don't answer my questions, that's why I posted here.

Oh tiens, j'parle francais moi aussi x) Je ne comprend vraiment pas pourquoi cela ne fonctionne pas. j'suis capable de tout faire sauf Hoster et rejoindre les parties. Dans Red Alert j'ai réussi à en hoster une mais c'est resté coincé sur le message en attente des autres joueurs en début de partie...

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Posted 18 June 2010 - 12:18

ha c'est rare ici :) . Ben essaye de regarder dans ton firewall et bien autoriser les applications .exe ( rejoindre et serveur ).
In memories to all Privates who died and have been wounded while the World War II.

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Posted 18 June 2010 - 14:53

I haven't spoken/taken a French class in ages, so you'll have to excuse my horrid French-ness via Google. :) Anyway, I'm thinking that you having the same serial is the problem. Blizzard games very often don't let the same serials do anything that has to do with interaction. =/ That's my two cents if patching and port forwarding don't work!

"Je pense que vous avoir la même série est le problème. jeux Blizzard très souvent ne laissez pas les feuilletons même faire quelque chose qui a à voir avec l'interaction. = / C'est mes deux cents cas de colmatage et de redirection de ports ne fonctionnent pas!"
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Posted 18 June 2010 - 16:11

Well, I'm better at reading english than writing/speaking, so It's not necessary to try to translate.

I don't think that the serial code is the source of the problem, Blizzard only check Cd-Keys via, you can normaly play in Lan with the same one.
Also, Even with different Cd-keys, it won't work.

All The .exe and ports around Tunngle and Diablo are unlocked, By the community Troubleshooter or by myself.

I'll try again today...

If there's anybody that could host a game or try to join mine, just ask me, I'm always in the Diablo II : Lord of destruction network.

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Posted 21 June 2010 - 07:29

Were you and your friend both connected through the same router/modem? if so, the problem might lay in the fact that BOTH accounts while attempting a tcp/ip or game require ports 4000 and 6112-6119. Its a point to point protocol so if you have 2 pointers going to the same port, the connection fails. Ran into the same problem recently and havent been able to find a way around it without buying hardware or asking my ISP for an extra IP address. Currently looking into changing which ports Diablo 2 LOD uses in hopes that we can LAN the 2 computers without overlapping ports. Best of luck trying, if you can find a solution let me know.

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