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    "You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it." - Albert Einstein

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    Yeah, that's a huge virtual Tunngle Cube in my Minecraft World. What's inside? That's a secret. But you can be sure, the cake is not a lie ;)

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    I love independent game developers and new innovative developments. By the way, we've always an open mind for developers... talk to us!

    Talk to me in :en: or :ger: - don't be shy :love:
    But please respect the following rule: No support over the personal message system!! There is enough room in our public Tunngle support board for your questions. Thank you ;)

    Every problem has a solution and you can find it here.

    Looking for a simple Tunngle explanation? Look here.

    Follow me on Twitter: ZAX_Tunngle

    Tunngle Founder and a Gamer from the bottom of my heart :love:

    Managing the german and english forum support (thanx to Brioche (EN/IT) and Helpbot (EN/GER) for the support - these guys are the real great supporters here :thumbsup: and we have a lot more in the Tunngle Enthusiast Group),

    the Tunngle Twitter News, Tunngle on YouTube, Tunngle news on Tumblr and the Tunngle Facebook page.

    Feel free to follow us on the recommended pages. This is the best way to get all the hottest news around Tunngle and your great Community :love:

    I'm a graphic artist and you can find my work all around Tunngle like the Logo, Team Avatars, Tunngle Artwork and the official black Tunngle Client Skin.

    My favorite games on planet earth are (only a few examples):

    Minecraft, Cube World, Godus, Portal, Half-Life, GTA, Borderlands, Saints Row and some other freaky stuff. I love Game-Editors and all open World Games :gamer:

    I wish you a lot of fun with your friends around the Tunngle networks - remember: You can play every game in every network! The game networks are only rooms with names to get in touch with guys and girls who love the same game genre like you :love:

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    If you need help check this out.
    Tunngle Voice Check for new version! Click here for help! Follow Tunngle on Facebook Follow Tunngle on YouTubeFollow Tunngle on Twitter

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    Tunngle Team
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    February 9
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    1. Photo

      ZAX Icon

      15 Feb 2016 - 18:57
      Thx Mike :D
    2. Photo

      Mike Harper Icon

      09 Feb 2016 - 05:31
      Happy Birthday ZAX :) (^_^)
    3. Photo

      UNDER_GREY Icon

      04 Nov 2014 - 09:07
      Congratulations with the release of the stable version 5.0
    4. Photo

      rickonico Icon

      11 Oct 2014 - 19:14
    5. Photo

      ZAX Icon

      11 Oct 2014 - 07:37
      Thank you. I've overworked the default style of the forum together with Brioche a long time ago. Brioche actually is improving the forum view & style. Client artwork and the new homepage is my part too.
    6. Photo

      rickonico Icon

      11 Oct 2014 - 00:09
      Who created this website was it you ZAX? becuase i love this site
    7. Photo

      ZAX Icon

      23 Jul 2014 - 22:07
      I'm 1 Admin from the Tunngle Team ;)
    8. Photo

      theweek Icon

      23 Jul 2014 - 21:36
      hello zax u are the head admin tunngle ?
    9. Photo

      ZAX Icon

      22 Jul 2014 - 20:21
      Thank you for your kind words 7AyDeRo0o
    10. Photo

      7AyDeRo0o Icon

      22 Jul 2014 - 19:43
      Hello ZAX, I don't know if you remember me but I was one of the first people that tried helping around with tunggle when it was in early beta. Haven't been here in four years so I just wanted to say wow what a great job everyone knows about tunngle and it looks great! I'm sure the future brings more innovation for Tunngle!
    11. Photo

      ZAX Icon

      20 Apr 2014 - 09:01
      Thx UNDER_GREY :) I wish you the same!
    12. Photo

      UNDER_GREY Icon

      20 Apr 2014 - 07:40
      Happy Easter!!!
    13. Photo

      ZAX Icon

      09 Feb 2014 - 08:19
      Thank you Mike :-)
    14. Photo

      Mike Harper Icon

      09 Feb 2014 - 07:35
    15. Photo

      ZAX Icon

      01 Jan 2014 - 13:05
      Happy New Year Mike Harper. I wish you all the best for 2014 :)
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