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  • Disclaimer & Rules

    :!: Last Updated: 26/10/2012 13:00

    You can find a copy of the Tunngle EULA and of the Tunngle AGB in the Tunngle Folder after the installation.
    For your convenience we provide a translation for the Tunngle GTC here. For any legal matter please refer to the German Tunngle AGB.
    The General Terms and Conditions also contain our Privacy Policy on point 10.

    We respect the intellectual property rights of others. You may not infringe the copyright, trademark or other proprietary informational rights of any party. We may in our sole discretion remove any content we have reason to believe violates any of the intellectual property rights of others and may terminate your use of the Website if you submit any such content.
    In general, posting or discussing any illegal content/activity is strictly forbidden! Distribution or linking of copyrighted material when forbidden by the law is not allowed. Use the report button to report any illegal content/activity! Read the full Legal Disclaimer and the Infringement Notification Procedure.

    Furthermore attention should be paid to the following forum rules.

    • External advertising non-related to Tunngle is strictly forbidden!

    • Respect the moderators! If a moderator says that you have broken a rule, you have broken it. This is not subject to discussion. Do not start flaming threads. Always do as moderators say.

    • Promoting clans or other gamer communities related to Tunngle is explicitly allowed!

    • First think and then use your mouse and keyboard. Most of the rules are just plain common sense.

    • The forums are not the place for personal or confidential information!

    • Be polite, respect others.

    • Each message in the forum is your personal visiting card. "You are the responsible of your words. Once spoken, they rule your life".

    • Word filters are there for a reason. Bypassing them is not a smart thing to do and will not bring you anything good.

    • Choose carefully the post subject so that other users can understand what the thread is about.

    • Try to always pick the right forum for your post.

    • Spelling: Try to verify what you write. The English spelling is also available on the Internet. Uppercase, lowercase letters and the punctuation make reading a lot easier.

    • A signature should never be longer than three/four lines. Flashy, blinking graphics in the signature tend to disrupt the reading and are therefore quite rude to other forum users. Graphics should not be flashing too much and have no signal effect. Furthermore, they should not exceed 530 * 200 pixels.

    • Use the search button before posting.

    • Stay on topic. When you ask a question go into the specific to get the right answer.

    • Use private messages only when necessary. Use the forums for anything else.

    • Words that are in * stars * are highlighted.

    • One issue per thread! Otherwise threads can be confusing.

    • Titles or phrases in an article, like "I need desperately help !!!!! AAAAAHH!" are not helpful and are often simply ignored. Avoid them because they are counter-productive.

    • Abusing of exclamation points will just annoy the reader !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or maybe not ????????????????????


    • Quote only when necessary. There is no need to repeat the same post again and again.

    • Thread Hijacking is forbidden.

    • Flaming is forbidden.

    • Flashing or moving avatars are annoying because they interfere with the reading.

    • Try to avoid disputes on the forum. Try to resolve personal issues by pm or email.

    • Just because you are a experienced user of the forum, you have no permission to nag beginners who do not observe the netiquette. Applying the rules is moderators' duty. Of course you can calmly and objectively express your opinion.

    • Every registered forum user has the possibility to report a rule violation. The buttons needed for this can be found directly below the post.

    • Mind your words and be a man/woman. Not using your real name doesn't mean that you can do everything.

    • If you really don't like a post, you can of course say it. However always try to be friendly and respect others :).

    • You should never ever accuse other members in public but always turn to administrators (using the report button) if there are problems.

    • Your word is not enough when reporting. If administrators were to act only basing on suspects or claims then everyone would be able to file a fake report against you and get you punished for something that you didn't do. Administrators need to be able to verify your reports. This is plain common sense.

    • Never ever accuse or report anyone lightly! Accusing other members without solid undisputable evidence that can be independently verified by administrators is immature and disgraceful and might turn against yourself (that's karma).

    • Tunngle is not a place for your personal revenges. Members of the Tunngle staff will never help you get a revenge against someone (e.g. when he beats you in-game). If this is your case, grow up and learn to forgive.

    • The Tunngle Community deserves your respect and shouldn't be used to gain any kind of personal advantage. It's forbidden to post referrals, links to passworded sites, advertising redirects and any other content that abuses of people's trust in order to monetize or exploit them in any way.

    • You can find a copy of the Tunngle EULA and of the Tunngle AGB in the Tunngle Folder after the installation.

      For your convenience we provide a translation of the Tunngle GTC here. For any legal matter please refer to the German Tunngle AGB.

    Have fun supporting :)
    The Tunngle team :gamer: