Our Website (Tunngle.Net) and our proprietary software (Tunngle Client) are designed to offer our partners the maximum exposure. You can choose from a wide range of standard banner formats and sizes and take advantage of our geotargeting capabilities. With more than 8 million Tunngle members around the world and about 35,000,000 clicks your investment will soon repay itself.

Here is a brief summary of our offer:

  • Advertising Banners on with more than 35.000.000 impressions
  • Information about your services and goods delivered via mail to more than 8.000.000 recipients per cycle
  • Advertising Banners inside our Client Software (the client opens the Web Browser on click)
  • Professional country detection algorithm for precise GEO targeting

Download our introductory PDF now. For enquiries and special requests, please use the contact form.


More than six million people have chosen Tunngle to play with their friends. Becoming a Tunngle Sponsor means reaching out to all these people in one of the happiest moments of their life.

Your sponsor logo is permanently included within our Software, on our Websites, on our Social Pages, in each newsletter and in all the other media we publish.

When you become a sponsor, your offers, services and products get the maximum exposure on all the Tunngle channels.

Our Sponsor Program is intended to help us gather the resources to strengthen our Research and Development department and it will grant you an even bigger return in the long period as we use these tools to grow Tunngle. For enquiries and special requests, please use the contact form.