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Network:PAYDAY 2

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Last edited: 23 October 2014
Latest Game Version: 1.16.3 (Update 40)



Thanks to Titaniiium and roflnya for helping with the upload of the tutorials


ATTENTION: In order to keep your profile with LAN Fix, you MUST change and KEEP the same profile name to avoid any conflict!
NOTE: Before playing: make sure your port 11155 is opened for Tunngle and you have a green smiley in the bottom right corner of your Tunngle window! For more support: visit the Tunngle forums!

  1. Install 'PAYDAY.2.v1.9.3.Incl.All.DLC-REVOLT' (This exact version is required)
    Note: Don't apply any of the Fixed Files from the Game installation or Updates folders !!
    Note: Don't copy/paste any other content in your gamefolder than those expressly noted in this Guide! Only use the update files like described here (nothing else!)
    Note: ALWAYS launch the updates as Administrator!!
    1. Download and Install Update 28 to 29[1] (Alternate link for updates up to 37.1 --- use "Download as ZIP" feature)
    2. Download and Install Update 29 to 29.1[2]
    3. Download and Install Update 29.1 to 29.2[3]
    4. Download and Install Update 29.2 to 29.3[4]
    5. Download and Install Update 29.3 to 30[5]
    6. Download and Install Update 30 to 30.1[6]
    7. Download and Install Update 30.1 to 30.2[7]
    8. Download and Install Update 30.2 to 30.3[8]
    9. Download and Install Update 30.3 to 31[9]
    10. Download and Extract Update 31 to 31.1[10] into your gamefolder!
    11. Download and Install Update 31.1 to 31.2[11]
    12. Download and Install Update 31.2 to 32[12]
    13. Download and Install Update 32 to 33[13]
    14. Download and Install Update 33 to 33.1[14]
    15. Download and Install Update 33.1 to 34[15]
    16. Download and Install Update 34 to 35[16]
    17. Download and Install Update 35 to 35.1
    18. Download and Install Update 35.1 to 36[17][18]
    19. Download and Install Update 36 to 36.1
    20. Download and Install Update 36 to 37[19][20]
    21. Download and Install Update 37 to 37.1[21]
    22. Download and Install Update 37.1 to 38[22]
    23. Download and Install Update 38 to 39[23]
    24. Download and Install Update 39 to 39.1[24]
    25. Download and Install Update 39.1 to 40[25]
      Note: Always check which version you have installed before using an update from this list, you can find the corresponding version numbers HERE!
      Note: Please check this page often, because new updates are available frequently.
    26. Install the Launcher v2.02[26] into your gamefolder
    27. Download the LAN-Fix V4[27], and extract it to your gamefolder, overwrite files when prompted!
    28. Join the PAYDAY 2 [10.x.x.x] Network or create a Private Network with "10.x.x.x" Range Emulator enabled
    29. Edit your ingame name in "SmartSteamEmu.ini" file. Scroll down or use CTRL+F to find the line 'PersonaName = yourdesiredname'. DO NOT change it after you started playing or you will lose all current progress.
    30. Set the 'SmartSteamEmu.ini' file as 'read-only' (Right click, Properties, 'Read-only')
  2. Start the Game with Launcher.exe and click on OFFLINE/LAN !! Do NOT click on Online !! In game: select and you will see the lobbies (As Administrator) (If Launcher.exe does not work, you can also launch with SmartSteamLoader.exe)
    1. As Client: Go to -> Join any Match (with a green Title)
    2. As Host: Go to -> Click any Contract (with a white Title) -> Create a Match -> Wait for Players
  3. Have Fun



  • STEP 1 : Make sure you have a green smiley in Tunngle (open port) and a stable connection. You should open port 11155 in your router settings to get a green smiley.
  • STEP 2 : Go to in-game and try to join lobbies with a green name. If you see mostly blue named lobbies, you can make them green with this trick: 1. Create your own lobby by clicking on an empty heist contract. 2. Leave your lobby again (quit to main menu). 3. Try joining the lobby with a green name now!
  • Restart Tunngle or your PC
  • Install this Custom Launcher[28] in your gamefolder, Download and Extract the HotFix[29] in your gamefolder, launch Launcher.exe (instead of RVTLauncher.exe) and select OFFLINE/LAN !! Do NOT click on Online !! In game: select as usual and you will see the lobbies
  • Make sure to update your computers' drivers to the latest version, especially graphics card drivers!
  • Ensure you didn't get any Errors during updating. When you encounter an error during updating, reinstall the failed update before continuing.
  • Last resort: Reinstall the Game and Updates


  • When you get an error like "The Program can't start because MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer." Simply install THIS to fix your problem!


  • Run the game as administrator
  • Find the file SmartSteamEmu.ini and open it with notepad. Scroll down to the line 'EnableInGameVoice 1'. Change the 1 into a 0 and save the file. Try starting the game again as adminstrator.


  • Port_Forward UDP Port 11155 in your Router
  • Configure your Firewall to allow both 'payday2_win32_release.exe' and 'RVTLauncher.exe'


Note : You need to show hidden files and folders in order to see some of the folders used in this "HOW TO FIX". Not sure how to do this? Type in google: 'how to show hidden files'

If you are experiencing black screen and instant crash on launching the game or you are totally unable to start the game, the following fix may solve the issue for you :

  1. Make sure to update your computers' drivers to the latest version

Still getting the issue ?

  1. Find the file named “renderer_setting.xml” in C:\Users\\AppData\Local\PAYDAY 2.
  2. Open this file using any text editor.
  3. After opening the file, you need to find the following section:
    <d3d_device adapter_index = “0″
    resolution = “1920 1080″
    windowed = “false”
    refresh_rate = “60″
  4. These settings should match your local parameters. For instance, if your desktop resolution is 1200*800, you should choose the same resolution here. Refresh rate should also match as it also create problems sometimes. You can also choose to run the game in windowed mode first and then change the settings afterwards. In order to run the game in windowed mode, change the value “false” to “true”.


  1. Browse to your Game Installfolder
  2. Edit the "SmartSteamEmu.ini" File
  3. Search for the line "PersonaName =" and type in your own nickname there!
  4. Still problems? Set the following Files to "read only" (Rightclick -> Properties):


  1. Browse to your Game Folder
  2. Open "game.ver" with any text editor
  3. Now you can see the version of the game:
    • Update 28 = 1.9.3
    • Update 29 = 1.10.0
    • Update 29.1 = 1.10.1
    • Update 29.2 = 1.10.2
    • Update 29.3 = 1.10.4
    • Update 30 = 1.11.0
    • Update 30.1 = 1.11.1
    • Update 30.2 = 1.11.2
    • Update 30.3 = 1.11.3
    • Update 31 = 1.12.1
    • Update 31.1 = 1.12.2
    • Update 31.2 = 1.12.3
    • Update 32 = 1.12.4
    • Update 33 = 1.12.6
    • Update 33.1 = 1.12.7
    • Update 34 = 1.12.8
    • Update 35 = 1.13.0
    • Update 35.1 = 1.13.1
    • Update 36 = 1.14.0
    • Update 36.1 = 1.14.1
    • Update 37 = 1.15.0
    • Update 37.1 = 1.15.1
    • Update 38 = 1.16.0
    • Update 39 = 1.16.1
    • Update 39.1 = 1.16.2
    • Update 40 = 1.16.3


ATTENTION: This guide is made for players who already have a savegame on Update 27.1 and want to transfer it to further updates!
NOTE: As the developers totally revamped the gamefiles, a 'normal' update was impossible for Update 28, which is why a reinstall is needed at this point! Good news: your savefile can be transferred without problem, so just follow this guide!

  1. Browse to your Gamefolder where Payday 2 is installed (Update 27.1).
  2. Copy 'SmartSteamEmu.ini' (file) AND 'SmartSteamEmu' (folder). Paste them in a secure location. This is your savegame backup!
  3. Browse to C:\Users\Yourname\Appdata\Local\Payday 2 and copy the folder 'Saves'. Back it up in a secure location (this is for extra safety and is not normally required!).
  4. Uninstall your Payday 2 game (Update 27.1)!!! (Make sure you have your savegame backup ready!)
  5. Install 'PAYDAY.2.v1.9.3.Incl.All.DLC-REVOLT' (This exact version is required)
    Note: Don't apply any of the Fixed Files from the Game installation or Updates folders !! Don't copy/paste any other content in your gamefolder than those expressly noted in this Guide! Only use the update files like described here (nothing else!)
  6. Download and Install Update 28 to 29[30]
  7. Download the LAN-Fix V3, and extract it to your Game Installfolder, overwrite files when prompted!
  8. Paste your savegame backup (SmartSteamEmu.ini file & SmartSteamEmu folder) into your NEW gamefolder (Update 29)!! Overwrite when prompted!
  9. You have successfully transferred to Update 29 now. Please follow the guide '2. HOW TO INSTALL & PLAY' from now on and check there for newest updates!


Note: Install the Updates as Administrator!