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Posted 12 October 2011 - 01:39


recently I tried to play Killing Floor with my friends, but when i host a game I've got a latency of 0 but everyone else gets a really high latency about like 999 . If one of my friends hosts a game i get such high latency myself.
I already checked the UPnP in the Config and the port test is sucessful as well. I don't have any background downloads or any opened programs. Im also able to play games like Dead Island without any latency problems at all.

I would really appreciate if someone knows a solution to my problem so i can lower my ping. Maybe it has something to do with port forwarding....

Thank you

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Posted 12 October 2011 - 08:53

Hi :). Tunngle connections are direct p2p connections. This means that your ping to another player depends on your relative connection to him.
If when you hover over your friend's nickname in a network you find an high ping then you can try to close all the other programs that use some bandwidth and have him doing the same.

Also you can sort nicks by ping (right click on the list) to get an idea of the minimum ping that you can get and determine if it's a generalized connection problem (ISP performance or bandwidth in use) or just a single conneciton problem (if you get also low pings).
If when you hover the ping looks reasonable but you get lag when you host in the game, maybe your game settings are too high, your game install is corrupted or the bandwidth isn't enough for you to host ;).

If you need help check this and this.
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Posted 11 August 2013 - 11:28

Hey There,

I have problems with latency too, not only with killing floor. The interesting thing is: My Partner and I, we have a connection with about 62ms latency. But almost every game we want to play doenst work because all of a sudden the latency rises to 300 to 600 ms. Brioche said, it could be a matter of the gamesettings. How do they affect the connection and how low do they have to be? What should I do? I have the problems with killing floor, Borderlands2, Minecraft, Unreal Tournament 99, 2k49, III.
Usually I host the games, because my connection is better.

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clean eb browser's cache, cookies, and history and try
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Im having the same issue.
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